Wednesday a member of the Kansan news team walked into the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce, took one look at the marketing director, and cracked a joke without much difficulty. 

"Are you incognito today?" 

It was so unlike a member of the chamber front office staff to be dressed in a ball cap, t-shirt and blue jeans while working in the office. Almost hiding behind their computer as they did so. This was abnormal behavior. 

It was, however, acceptable and warranted behavior for each member of the chamber team to be dressed that way that day. 

Their day started with working on a community pride project — pulling weeds downtown to help get main street ready for the county fair. The Chamber director complained of being sore, and called the marketing director a slave driver as she did so. 

They also commiserated a bit with Kansan staff that, despite their best efforts on social media to drum up some volunteers, no one really came out to help with their project. 

It is too bad they didn't get that help. We all need to show some community pride — and making downtown just a little nicer during events like the fair is one of those things we all should be willing to do. Pick up some litter, pull some weeds and pitch in. 

While we are at it, maybe just don't toss that litter out the window of the car — or drop it while walking along a neighborhood sidewalk — in the first place. 

This weekend we are welcoming the fair to town, just as we have for more than 130 years. Let's do that with some pride. Thanks to the chamber for their bit of helping show that pride. 

Now, how will you show that pride?

— Kansan editorial board