Clint Green didn't know much about soccer when he first started coaching, but that didn't stop him from volunteering at the Rec Commission to coach his son's team. His wife Missy jumped into coaching feet first as well, volunteering to assist with her children's teams.

“Our oldest started in sports, and we just decided that since most of the time they could not find a coach that we both grew up playing different sports and know enough about it to teach it to small children,” Missy said.

That was about 10 years ago. The couple has been coaching multiple sports, as volunteers, for the Rec ever since. They coach at least two seasons, usually two different sports, each year at the Rec.

Missy said her favorites are soccer and volleyball. Clint loves soccer and basketball.

“I did not grow up with soccer,” Clint said. “Now I tell my friends I like soccer more than football and most of them do not like to hear that.”

Clint and Missy met in college, students at Hutchinson Community College. They have been married for 16 years and have four children between the ages of eight and 16. Missy grew up in Newton, while Clint in Oklahoma and other parts of Kansas.

After marriage, they chose Newton as their home.

For the past eight years Clint has owned and operated his own landscaping company. He started his career working for a wholesale greenhouse, then Stone Creek Nursery. He later went to work for the city of Newton parks department before launching his own business full time.

“We took a leap of faith, and it worked out,” Missy said.

The same could be said for coaching at the Rec. While they both played a variety sports in their younger years, they entered unfamiliar territory when they volunteered to coach youth teams.

Ten years later, they reap the rewards.

“We enjoy children,” Missy said. “ … We like to set our own practice schedule, and with four kids that is a great thing.”

“We like it,” Clint said. “... It is really rewarding, it is not hard. The rec center does a lot for you.”

After 10 years, they have coached a lot of kids. Many of those kids recognize the couple when they are out and about, remembering the days the Greens were coaching and teaching a game.

“I wish more people would do it,” Missy said. “... This is an easy way to give back.”