While many clubs fundraise to take trips, Azteca Dance Troupe has taken a different route and will not only be taking a trip abroad, but will be performing on various cruise ships en route to their destinations. The group expects to have two performances.

Each of the seven members participating in the trip raised $2,350 to join the trip. While some students have fundraised by participating in school sponsored events, others have simply been saving their own money for the trip. 

“They've been fundraising since September. They sold burritos at football games, worked concession stands, and have even done performances,” Azteca Dance Troupe sponsor Patrice Olais said.

The group has been practicing extensively and performing live at various locations in preparation for the event, including performing at venues in Chanute and Hutchinson.

“We just recently went to McPherson, and that was my first one,” junior Maria Aboite said. “We dance at different places to have the experience with the crowd.”

This is the second time that the troupe has done such a trip, the first being four years ago. Several seniors have participated more than once in the trip. Senior Brandon Gonzalez is a part of this group.

“I went my freshman year, and since it was my first time I was just kind of going, not really knowing what was going on, and now since it’s my second year I know what to expect,” Gonzalez said.

During the trip, the dancers will visit different parts of France, Italy and Spain.

“We’re going to the soccer fields in Barcelona, Marseille and Nepal, Italy. We just have a lot of places that we’re going to visit,” Olais said.

The students will have a chance to explore in groups, go shopping, and experience the culture of different countries. Despite the great dancing and socializing opportunity, the trip will still be largely education based.

“They’re going to learn their history, culture, art and religion, and how it affects their global community today. They’ll be introduced to their traditions because we’ll have tour guides.” Olais said.

Most of the students going on the trip are part of various art classes at the high school, and Olais predicts they will focus mainly on the art of other cultures. The troupe will spend one to two days at a time in various locations, in order to reach all of their destinations. The trip will be 10 days and will start on March 16.