I expected better journalism from the Wichita Eagle than the Sunday piece on "Permitless Open Carry" of firearms in Kansas. "Open Carry" of firearms without a "Government Issued Permission Slip" has always been legal in Kansas.  In 2006, Kansas finally allowed citizens to apply for and obtain a "Government Issued Permission Slip" to carry firearms concealed. In 2007, Kansas clarified "Statewide Open Carry", prohibiting local ordinances that were confusing and created the threat of law abiding citizens being arrested and persecuted for legal open carry when they traveled from one municipality to another. In 2015, Kansas finally realized that you should not be required to obtain a "Government Issued Permission Slip" in order to exercise a basic human, civil and constitutional Right. The rise in aggravated assault cases has nothing to do with "Permitless Concealed Carry" as the rise occurred prior to citizens no longer needing permission from "The Government" to exercise a "right." Given the lack of honesty and accuracy in that article, maybe there should be a "Government Issued Permission Slip" required of media publishers in order to determine their competency to exercise "Freedom Of Speech." 
 — Kevin Henderson, Halstead