The investigation of a triple homicide in rural Harvey County continues today.

At 5:30 Sunday, a motorist called 911 and said she had been waved down by maroon vehicle. She told dispatchers she had been told there were two bodies in the driveway of a home in the north of Dutch Ave. on  N. Spring Lake Road. 

According to Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton, investigators found the bodies of a 52 year old male, 33 year old male and a 37 year old female, and that the deaths had happened "earlier in the day." 

“The three victims that we have apparently died of gunshot wounds,” Walton said. “This is not a random person running around. We view this as a targeted shooting.”

An 18-month old child was found in the home, alive and well. The child's parents were among the victims of the shooting. The child has been taken to other family for care.

The driver of the maroon vehicle was found and interviewed.

“That did not lead us to a suspect, but it helps put together the overall picture of this investigation,” Walton said.

Walton said the driver of the maroon car does have a relationship with the victims.

Investigators spent the night collecting evidence at the scene, and will continue to do so throughout Monday.

“We will continue to work the crime scene and hope to have that completed by the end of the day and we will continue to follow up on the leads that come in,” Walton said. “If people have any kind of leads, please call the Harvey County Communications Center at 911 or the Harvey County Sheriff's Office at 284-6960.”

Investigators have spoken with neighbors in the rural area, however, those interviews did not lead to any reports of “suspicious activity.”

There are no current suspects identified. The names of the victims have not been released, pending the notification of next of kin.

Assisting at the scene include the Newton Police Department, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Kansas Highway Patrol, North Newton Police Department, Halstead Emergency Services and the Harvey County Sheriff's Office.

“We don't usually get triple homicides in Harvey County, and it is overwhelming for our resources here,” Walton said. “KBI has expertise with these kinds of scenes and I will depend on them.”

Walton also told media the investigation is “looking into” possible drug connections.

“We have leads to follow up and interviews to do, and those will be done today,” Walton said. “More leads will come in, and we will follow up on those.”

He said he believed the shootings took place outside of the house.