I have been supporting Chad Gay for Sheriff from day one. Chad has been a life long Harvey County resident. He graduated high school and decided to serve his country by joining the Marine Corp. His love of his home town brought him and his family back to Newton. A college education isn't necessary to be a good sheriff. I know many people who did not have the opportunity to go to college, yet these people are very intelligent. Chad is intelligent, genuine, caring, humble, and he is able to relate to people of all walks of life.

As wife of Sheriff T Walton I can assure you that T could not manage every aspect of the job by himself. That is why he has a good teamsurrounding him and that same team will be there to support Chad. The sheriff needs to deal with the public and be able to take criticism without taking it personal. I have known Chad for 21 years and watched him work and grow in law enforcement. Chad's character and leadership skills remind me of a younger T. Walton. I encourage you to ask those individuals who have worked side by side with both candidates who is the better leader. Vote Chad Gay in the coming election.

— Karen Walton, Newton