It is important that when we vote, we are educated voters. Basing a vote solely on popularity is irresponsible and dangerous. It can lead to voting for individuals who are not qualified to fill a position. Harvey County has been fortunate in having two candidates that are well known and well liked in this community. However, on further research, it is clear that Bryan Hall is the most qualified candidate. His leadership roles, multiple department experience, community involvement and outreach, and the skills that he has acquired in his career make him an exceptional candidate. I believe can and will do a job that Harvey County can be proud of.

Being friends to 1,000 of students does not mean someone will be able to keep a population of 30,000 safe. Being able to manage a household budget does not qualify someone to manage a department with multiple budgets, especially without experience and the skills necessary to do so. Being a SRO (while it is an important position) and filling in when school administration is not there does not qualify someone to command and run a department, especially in situations that require commanding multiple agencies and people (such as the shooting at Excel).

Well character and values are important, it should not be the only element influencing a person’s vote. Both candidates are great additions to our community but only one has the experience and education needed to be the next sheriff of Harvey County and that is Bryan Hall.

— Veronica Mosqueda-Bargdill, Newton