The chairman of the Leavenworth County Commission said a recall effort against him is the result of his attempt to address problems with the county treasurer.

The chairman of the Leavenworth County Commission said a recall effort against him is the result of his attempt to address problems with the county treasurer.

“The county treasurer is upset with me because I am addressing noncompliance issues and spending habits occurring in her department that are negatively impacting the county,” Commission Chairman Bob Holland said.

Holland read a written statement Monday during a meeting of the County Commission. The statement was a response to a recall petition that is being circulated in his district.

Holland, a Republican, represents most of northern Leavenworth County in the commission’s 1st District. A group of residents in the district are circulating a petition for a recall election of Holland.

The group has until early January to collect the 2,012 signatures necessary for triggering the recall election.

The committee seeking the recall election is arguing that Holland has failed to perform his duties as a commissioner because of violations of the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

Last month, the three members of the Leavenworth County Commission entered into a consent order agreement with the Kansas attorney general to resolve violations of the state’s open meetings law.

The Attorney General’s Office found that the commissioners violated the Kansas Open Meetings Act in April by making binding decisions in executive session, not properly wording motions to go into executive session and not limiting discussion in executive session to topics identified in motions.

As part of the consent order, commissioners admitted to the violations. Each commissioner agreed to receive at least one hour of training regarding the open meetings law.

Reading a statement Monday, Holland said at the time of the April violations, he was following guidance he received from County Counselor David Van Parys.

“Our intent was never to conceal board actions from the public,” he said.

Holland said County Treasurer Janice Van Parys has strong connections to the three-person committee that initiated the recall effort as well as others who are circulating the petition.

The county treasurer is married to David Van Parys.

Holland said the committee members and petition carriers are friends or relatives of the treasurer.

Holland accused Janice Van Parys of not following county policies, excessive spending and exceeding budget authority.

He said addressing these issues has led to him being targeted for the recall.

“I am being called out because I am standing up,” he said.

Janice Van Parys did not attend Monday’s meeting. But she was interviewed after the meeting.

Janice Van Parys said she is supportive of the recall effort. She said someone asked her to provide a list of people who would be willing to assist with the effort.

She provided a list of names of people who live in the 1st District and would be willing to participate.

Janice Van Parys did not disclose who asked her to provide the list.

Michael Jordan, who serves on the three-person recall committee, said he has never met the county treasurer.

Janice Van Parys said expenditures in her office have increased, but revenue for her office has increased as well.

The treasurer said she exceeded her budget authority as a result of making a transfer from a fund her office controls to a general fund for the county government. This transfer had not been budgeted.

Janice Van Parys has had a contentious relationship with Holland and the commission.

Last year, the treasurer filed a lawsuit against the County Commission. Janice Van Parys sought a court order to prevent the commission from transferring money from a fund controlled by her office.

The lawsuit was resolved earlier this year with a settlement.

Holland requested that a copy of his statement be attached to the minutes for Monday’s meeting.

His request was unanimously approved by the commission.

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