It has been brought to our attention, through more than one source, that a private investigator — a woman from Dallas—has been hired to travel to Newton to investigate our finances, mortgage, personal records, associations, and whatever else she can find.

Brings back memories of the 2008 campaign.

My opponent then is my current opponent’s boss — both Newton attorneys. Between money from trial attorneys and Gov. Sebelius’s PAC, I was outspent four-to-one. My opponent’s attack ads were so malicious and irresponsible, even Democrats called the Kansas Democratic Party to say, “Hey, we hate Rhoades’ politics, but this is ridiculous!”

When I won, they asked for a recount. The Democratic Party sent a Topeka lawyer to oversee the count— the same one they’d sent for a recount when I won in 2006.

When the count went in my favor, and the lawyer tried to leave the Courthouse, an elections official called him back: “Excuse me. You need to pay for the 2006 recount. Remember? Two years ago, you said, ‘I’ll go get the checkbook in my car,’ and then you never came back?”

Now, years later, their long-game obsession continues.

Side bar: Earlier this year, city officials — who, like my opponent, are opposed to the property tax lid and want to be able to raise property taxes without a public vote — paid a private investigator over $8,900 at over $200 an hour to investigate city employees. No one knows that whole story. I sure don’t.

And we have no idea who hired the Dallas P.I. to spy on Denise and I — our point is this … what strange times.

— Marc Rhoades, Newton