November elections are about 30 days away, and Dan Giroux (D-Wichita) is mounting a challenge to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) for the Kansas Fourth Congressional district seat.


Giroux met with Harvey County Democrats Tuesday at the party headquarters on Main Street, Newton.


“We need leaders who can inspire and have a vision for the Fourth District,” Giroux said. “The Fourth District will be energy independent by 2050 in my mind. … Energy is critically important. We have to make those investments.”


That means, he said, harnessing all the resources in the area — including wind an solar.


This was Giroux’s first stump in Harvey County since announcing his candidacy Jan. 19 at a meeting of county Democrats.


“I am glad we have someone who can really win this race,” said Ken Walsh, head of the Harvey County Democratic Party.


In a room around a dozen people in the storefront on main, he spoke of campaign finance reform, the reduction of bureaucratic red tape for small businesses, lack of investment capitol available to young entrepreneurs, problems with education and his perceived decline of Kansas.


“There are a lot of people hurting in Kansas,” Giroux said. “... We have major problems in the Fourth District.”


Giroux said South Central Kansas is losing the best and brightest as young Kansans move out of state to pursue opportunity elsewhere.


He believes that as State Representative he can work to reverse that trend.


“My first question to anybody in Washington is 'how is that going to benefit Kansas?” Giroux said. “The priority is, Kansas has to come first.”


He said the current Kansas delegation has failed, namely by not providing leadership to state leaders as the economy has struggled.


“From Washington what can be done is helping develop the plan,” Giroux said. “ … We have bad things going on in our staate, and where is our federal delegation?”


He also spoke of “stagnated wages” nationwide, and would like to work for change in that area as well.


“These are things that need to be addressed by Kansas leadership,” Giroux said. “It's jobs, jobs, jobs. It is the economy. It is the economy that leads to happiness. It is the economy that leads to the American dream.”


Giroux moved to Wichita in 1982, the youngest of 11 children. In 1992 he graduate from Wichita Northwest High School and later graduated from Newman University. He went on to study law at Creighton University.


After college he went to work for the Wichita District Attorney’s Office before joining a private practice in 2003.