The reason First Mennonite Church of Newton is hosting a fund-raising concert Oct. 9 may have changed, but that is good news. 

Initially, funds were to be gathered for the church organ fund — about a $40,000 fund-raising goal for repairs for the organ. The good news is those repairs are already funded — with the last of the funding coming in during September. 

First Mennonite Church of Newton, 429 E. First, will still host a fund-raising bluegrass concert at 7 p.m. Oct. 9. 

The Book of Jebb, a bluegrass ensemble made up of Bethany Schrag, Ben Regier, Eric Schrag, Tim Regier and Jesse Graber, will play. Admission for the concert is by donation. 

 The concert will now fund an instrument fund. 

"It will be used for an new electric drum set, some sound equipment and if the organ needs any additional things," said Kay Schroeder, a member of the minsitry team at the church. 

Two members of Book of Jebb — Ben and Tim Regier — are members of First Mennonite Church. 

"We were the only church that they had not played with in their group," Schroeder said. 

 They have, however, played as part of other groups at the church. 

Bluegrass music is a natural for First Mennonite Church, as the church offers up a bluegrass-style worship service on a monthly basis.

"There is a group within our church that appreciates that style," Schroder said. 

Work on the organ will begin with minor repairs in November. The remainder of the project, which will render the organ unplayable for several weeks, will begin in January. 

"It was just old technology," Schroeder said. "... We are hoping the organ will be done by Easter."

Church leaders are targeting January 1 as the fund-raising completion for the organ project.