Sometimes, words are not enough.  I have found in both my real life experience as well as professional experience, “talking the talk” just isn’t enough.  I need to see someone actually “walk the walk”.  The measure of any person, in my humble estimation, cannot be found in the words of a résumé or in some political spiel.  One has to observe a person for an extended period of time and pay attention to how they treat others; how they treat their family and especially how they treat someone who can do absolutely nothing for them.  Only then can you find the real worth of an individual.  

I have known Bruce Jolliff for most of my life.  I watched him grow up in the business of law enforcement and watched as he gracefully took the lessons he was taught and applied them to a solid work ethic whose foundation was formed years before pinning on a badge and strapping a weapon onto his hip.  He rose through the ranks of the Newton Police Department and accomplished plenty before leaving the Department with 20 years of service.   

This man personifies professionalism.  Having an eye for detail, doing something 85% is never good enough.  He is courteous, kind, fair and firm.  He is purpose driven.  The very content of his character is unquestionable.  Believe me – to watch him is to know him.

— Mike Friday, current lawman and past Harvey County resident