While the initial proposal was nixed, plans for a new restroom and concession facility in Athletic Park moved forward after a meeting of the Public Building Commission Monday at Newton City Hall.

Members of the commission initially looked at plans for a facility with two bathrooms with three bathrooms stalls each, a concession stand, storage area, game official changing room and a patio area.

That facility was deemed too small.

“My only concern right now is I wish this were bigger, but cost really dictates that,” said Tom Adrian, member of the public building commission.

The initial proposal was a pared down building, an attempt to get down to a $230,000 budget.

“My concern is this will not be big enough,” said Matt Treaster, commission member. “Is there any more money?”

The answer is yes, if the PBC is willing to rearrange a multi-year plan for facility upgrades. Changing when lights are added to Washington Park and facilities are replaced at Centennial Park may be necessary if the commission chooses to go with a bigger facility at Athletic Park.

The commission voted 3-2 to have city staff work with an architectural firm to create plans for a slightly bigger building, then prepare bid documents to see how bids come in and what costs would be.

The building plans will be redone to add an additional bathroom stall to each bathroom.

The building, if constructed, will be the main concession and restroom facility for Kelsch Field — the softball field in Athletic Park — and an overflow facility for Fischer Field — the football stadium in Athletic Park.

It was unclear Monday how soon new plans could be complete and the project sent out for bids. The initial timeline had a completion date of Nov. 1, which would have made the facility available for the Kansas High School Activities Association Eight-Man Football Championships.