According to the firm's official site, Longview Advisors' mission is to serve as trusted advisors by providing objective, transparent and holistic financial planning solutions so that customers can reach their goals and have peace of mind.

If reaching goals and/or finding that peace of mind will require tough financial decisions, it might be time to visit Longview Advisors, LLC, a fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm, which has been operating in Old Mill Plaza since January.

Aside from meeting with clients in the Newton and Hesston areas, Financial Advisor and Owner John Miller said he meets with a number of clients throughout the United States-- through virtual sessions.

A CFP® Board of Standards Inc. Certified Financial Planner, as well as primary advisor for comprehensive planning, Miller said he goes through a long and all-inclusive process with clients.

During the fairly extensive process, during the initial year, Miller said he will cover client issues ranging from tax planning to investment planning, retirement, real estate, insurance needs and estate planning.

"We'll hit those... in a modular approach, in six to 10 meetings, in the first year-- and then in following years, we'll meet one to two times," Miller said. "The idea is to create a comprehensive plan, where all the different pieces of a person's financial life are brought into one unified plan."

Miller told The Kansan his advising business is different in a couple of ways. Unlike most financial planners, he does not sell products. Instead, Miller said he has a flat fee for his service. In his view, this allows him to work while remaining more aligned with the interests of the client.

"For example, if you're analyzing your insurance needs, I can advise on the amount of insurance you might need and the type of insurance you might need, but I'm not actually selling you that insurance policy," Miller said, "so, as a client, you don't need to question whether or not that amount of insurance and type of insurance product is being recommended to you because I'm getting a better commission."

Miller said not receiving a commission is something that helps him to remain more closely attuned to clients' needs.

Regarding the company name (Longview Advisors, LLC), Miller said the name came when he was purchasing the entity from another advisor, but he said it adequately describes the the long term planning the firm hopes to implement.

While he is currently the primary advisor for comprehensive planning, Miller said the firm has another advisor who mostly focuses on complex estate planning and charitable planning.

Although he had worked in Champagne, Illinois, for the last couple of years, for a reputable fee-only financial firm, Miller said he wanted to return to Newton after he purchased the company. He has family and friends nearby and is a Bethel alumnus. 

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