A burglar was nearly shot in a Newton home over the weekend — entering the home through an unlocked door on the main floor while a family was watching television in the basement of the home at about 8:55 p.m. Dec. 19 on Spring Lake Drive.


The family was downstairs when they heard someone walking around upstairs. One person went upstairs to confront who was there. A scuffle ensued and the homeowner brought out a handgun.


“As soon as he saw the gun, he was gone,” said Lt. Scott Powell with the Newton Police Department.


This burglar very well could be a serial burglar Newton Police first warned the community about at the end of October. The burglar enters homes through unlocked doors and steals cash if it can  be found.


“This victim can identify him because he was face-to-face with him,” Powell said. “We do not know for certain, but we believe this is the same guy.”


The burglar was described as in his 60s with grey, scraggly hair to his shoulders and a scruffy beard. The home owner estimated his height at between 5 foot 8 inches  and 5 foot 9 inches and weight at about 200 pounds. He escaped in a four-door car described as a 2000-era passenger car with a box shape, dark in color, with trash strewn around the cab area. Witnesses did not get a plate number or other information about the car.


“They said they almost felt sorry for him, that he looked like he was homeless,” Powell said.