Sisters Ruth Williams and Jean Attebury are entering into a new business venture, an extension of their love of crafting and craft fairs.


Their store, “Gathered Goods: Art is an experience” opened at 625 N Main this week.


“All of the things in the store are made by local artisans,” Williams said.


By that she means crafters from south central Kansas.


The pair are veteran crafters who attend craft fairs regularly, just like their mother did when they were growing up. The store is a new idea for them, one that extends their reach beyond their own creations and the fair experience.


“I have sold online for years and was working on a space dedicated to this,” Williams said. “This idea was hatched over a couple of years.”


They have a group of five partners helping with the launch of the business.


Each item in the store is selected to be there. Crafters who want to market their wares send photos, meet with owners and sign a consignment agreement if their work is selected for the store.


Current offerings include handmade jewelry, fused glass, repurposed furniture, wall decorations and children's toys.


“That is where we are beginning,” Attebury said.


“If it is home made, quality items, that is what our clients will want,” Williams added.


The store will be open three days each week — Thursdays through Saturdays — this fall. A grand opening celebration is being planned.


Also in the plans are classes for crafters. Already a number of class instructors have contacted Williams and Attebury to offer classes, however the launch of the class series will not happen until later in 2015.


“This will be a place where people can learn,” Williams said. “We are going to have an area where we will be working on projects, and people can watch us.”