HALSTEAD — USA 800, a call center located on the second floor of the old Halstead Hospital, is closing.

The call center in Halstead processes 1-800 phone calls for The Kansas Department for Children.

"The Kansas Department for Children and Families’ Child Support Services and USA800 have agreed to a mutual dissolution of our call enter contract effective March 6," said Theresa Freed, director of communications for DCF. "There will be a streamlined call center interim solution beginning March 9, with MAXIMUS for three to six months while an RFP is issued for a long-term full service call center contract. We anticipate this transition will be unnoticed by customers."

About 30 employees will be affected by the closure.

"USA800 has pledged to continue staffing levels through the end of the contract comparable to levels maintained throughout service," Freed said.

Kansas WorkforceONE will perform a rapid response Feb. 19, working with employees to find other employment or educational options to train for other careers.

USA 800 also operates call centers in Kansas City, Missouri and St. Joseph, Missouri. Some employees were offered transfers to other call centers.

USA 800 was one of the first tenants in the old Halstead Hospital after the medical facility closed.

As a company USA800 has been processing inbound 1-800 calls since 1976. Industries served include catalog, communications, consumer goods, education, financial, government, non-profit, online retail and utility companies.

In 1996, USA800 transferred ownership to employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Minimum requirements for ownership include one year of employment and full time status, which are the same requirements as apply to the management team..