By Mark Schnabel

Newton Kansan

The Newton High School gymnastics team ended the regular season by winning a five-team meet Saturday at Ravenscroft Gym.

Newton posted a team score of 105.325, followed by Shawnee Mission Northwest at 98.45. Shawnee Mission East was third at 93.05.

"That's a season best for us," Newton coach JoAnne Thaw said. "We scored a 106 at Lawrence Free State, but there was a problem with a judge, so we didn't count that score. That score was actually around 104. We needed this score for going into state."

The meet was a new one for the Railers.

"We really needed this meet, and I'd like to thank (Newton activity director Brian) Engelken for scheduling it. Before, we would have had our last meet last week and waited two weeks before state, which is not good. This was good competition."

The Railers were led by Kailey Naysmith, who won the all-around at 35.25. Naysmith won the balance beam at 9.4, took second on the uneven parallel bars at 9.05, took third on the floor exercises at 9.0 and scored an 8.35 on the vault.

"I was really with the balance beam, even with the wobble," Naysmith said. "I did a new vault. I had never done it before. I need to clean up bars a little. We're looking forward to state. The scores were very accurate today. We know what we can do.

Carlye Anderson took second in the all-around at 35.25. She won the uneven parallel bars at 9.3 and the floor exercises at 9.15. She was third on the vault at 8.5 and fourth on the beam at 8.3.

Kaylee Anderson took third in all-around at 34.375. She won the vault at 9.0, took third on the beam at 8.55 and fourth on the bars at 8.35. She scored an 8.475 on floor.

Other medals for Newton went to Gabby Younts, who took sixth on the bars at 8.2.

Newton's top three beam scores were all no-fall routines.

The state meet is 11 a.m. Saturday at Shawnee Mission West. The Railers are expected to be the third seed heading into the meet. This season, the top eight teams based on average score, qualify.

"I'm excited about state and I'm excited everybody is coming back for next year," Thaw said. "Right now, the top team is Lawrence Free State with an average of 105.8. Second is Olathe East at 104.6. We are at 103.8. That's going to go up higher with this score. We just need to clean up. The new routines we put in need to be cleaned up. Other than that, we need to work on consistency. This week, there will be a lot of tapering and a lot of motivating things."

Newton quint


Ravenscroft Gym

Team scores — Newton 105.325, Shawnee Mission Northwest 98.425, Shawnee Mission East 93.050, Shawnee Mission South 91.9, Emporia 85.125.

All-around — 1. Kailey Naysmith N 35.6, 2. Carlye Anderson N 35.25, 3. Kaylee Anderson N 34.375, 4. Sara Wilkerson SMS 34.1, 5. Leah Steinacker SMNW 33.025, 6. Jessie Stindt SME 32.7. Other Newton scores: 7. Anna Casper 32.05, 10. Gabby Younts 31.3.

Vault — 1. K.Anderson N 9.0, 2. Wilkerson SMS 8.7, 3. C.Anderson N 8.5, 4. Nicole Thimmisch SMS 8.35, 5. (tie) Carson Wapp SMNW 8.3, Maike Roessler SMNW 8.3, Alyssa Cox E 8.3, Rachael Rogers SME 8.3. Other Newton scores: 9. Younts 8.25, 11. Casper 8.2, 14. Naysmith 8.15.

Uneven parallel bars — 1. C.Anderson N 9.3, 2. Naysmith N 9.05, 3. Wilkerson SMS 8.7, 4. (tie) K.Anderson N 8.35, Stindt SME 8.35, 6. Gabby Younts N 8.2. Other Newton scores: 8. Casper 7.85.

Balance beam — 1. Naysmith N 9.4, 2. Wapp SMNW 8.7, 3. K.Anderson 8.55, 4. C.Anderson N 8.3, 5. Wilkerson SMS 8.16, 6. Steinacker SMNW 8.1. Other Newton scores: 7. Casper 7.650, 11. Younts 7.2.

Floor exercises — 1. C.Anderson N 9.15, 2. Steinacker SMNW 9.125, 3. Naysmith N 9.0, 4. Darian Burch E 8.975, 5. Roessler SMNW 8.85, 6. Stindt SME 8.75. Other Newton scores: 8. K.Anderson 8.475, 9. Casper 8.35, 19. Younts 7.65.

State qualifiers

Teams — Lawrence Free State, Newton, Olathe East, Olathe Northwest, Shawnee Mission East, Shawnee Mission North, Shawnee Mission Northwest, Shawnee Mission West.


Balance Beam — Seena Hargett, Olathe South; Darian Bruch, Emporia; Sara Wilkerson, Shawnee Mission South; Heather Wisbey, Lawrence; Alyssa Cox, Emporia; Eliana Seidner, Lawrence.

Floor exercises — Darian Bruch, Emporia; Ashley Ammann, Lawrence; Senna Hargett, Olathe South; Arashae Harris, Emporia; Kate Gawlick, Shawnee Mission South.

Uneven parallel bars — Senna Hargett, Olathe South; Sara Wilkerson, Shawnee Mission South; Ashley Ammann, Lawrence; Jordyn Leon, Lawrence; Abbey Loewen, Shawnee Mission South.

Vault — Darian Bruch, Emporia; Senna Hargett, Olathe South; Sara Wilkerson, Shawnee Mission South; Alyssa Cox, Emporia; Evelyn Ayala, Emporia; Ashley Ammann, Lawrence; Nicole Thimmesch, Shawnee Mission South.