My name is Erin Brubaker. I am a senior at a small, public high school in central Kansas. Education is a large part of my life since I’ve been around it since I was a baby (one of my parents teaches elementary music at my school). If you were to pick a candidate to vote for in the governor’s election based on their ideas for education, the choice would be easy.

Governor Brownback has made several statements, that while not false, are misleading. One of his main claims is that he was responsible for increasing the funding given to schools. Sure, he was governor at the time, but this was only in response to the Kansas Supreme Court’s March 2014 ruling that the amount of funding that public schools received was unconstitutional. Because of tax cuts in 2012 and 2013, schools are suffering due to a lack of available resources. Schools cut programs and teachers while dealing with larger class sizes. While this is happening, teachers beg for aid.

Paul Davis has made it very clear that his first order of business will be to restore our schools. He has proposed freezing income tax rates until funding is restored. His plan includes bringing Base State Aid per pupil up from $3,852 to $4,492, which would be more than the 2009 amount ($4,400).

— Erin Brubaker, Goessel