Rita Sperry, 69, of Newton is dead following a one-car accident Monday morning on Meridian Road in Newton.

"This is a bad one," said T. Walton, Harvey County Sheriff.

At about 8:45 a.m. just north of 12th street a southbound car entered a ditch, drove a few hundred feet, then struck a guard rail before stopping. The guard rail went through the car, and did injure the driver of the vehicle.

"There is no sign she  braked and the car went into the guard rail," Walton said. "We are not sure what caused the accident. … There was no other traffic. For whatever reason, she went into the east ditch."

The guard rail was partially removed in order to remove the car, and the driver, from the scene.

A one-mile stretch of Meridian St. was closed Monday morning as officials worked to remove the driver from the car, who was then taken to a mortuary. According to Walton, an autopsy will be performed as the sheriff's office seeks a cause for the accident.

Newton Fire/EMS, Newton Police, Harvey County Road and Bridge, the Harvey County Sheriff's Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol all responded to the accident.