I have known a fine man and a well-respected Archbishop for years now. He is the retired, yet still active, Archbishop Emeritus James Patrick Keleher of Kansas City, Kansas.

Right now, Archbishop Jim is traveling in Ireland. Within days, he will be back on Kansas soil. What is significant is that Archbishop Jim Keleher is more than just a friend, more than just a cleric who exemplifies Biblical precepts of which he is well-versed — but he is also a teacher of "real world issues." Before he left on his current trip, I told Archbishop Keleher that a couple of years ago I was a victim of "I.D.theft." A woman had stolen my postal mail and she sold my privileged information to a man who was masquerading as me.

Archbishop Jim gave me some sound advice: "Next time you get a new credit-card: Ask for one with a chip embedded. Many European merchants require it; although some American retailers have been slower to adopt this trend."

A few days ago, my new credit card arrived. I had to go to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. I kept using my old card but had the new chip card in my billfold — just in case. Sure enough, my old card had many failures so I tried my new  credit card and it successfully completely the transaction.

I am grateful for Archbishop Jim Keleher for teaching me a great deal in life. And this helpful "tip", I wanted to pass along for the benefit of readers. It just goes to show: Honorable people let their light shine and share their wisdom on a vast array of subjects.

— James A. Marples, Esbon