Do you find it hard to “act” on your faith? You don’t have a vacation day to attend the annual “Right to Life” Rally in Topeka each January. Your confidence in writing a letter to the editor just isn’t there. Confronting a friend on the issue just isn’t in your comfort zone.

Rather than torment yourself on whether these are valid reasons or invalid excuses, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Newton encourages people to take another look. They are sharing creative ways to support the “Right to Life” movement locally.

• When you clip coupons, cut the traditional “baby” coupons, i.e., diapers, wipes, etc., and donate them to the Heartland Pregnancy Center.

• Have leftover garage sale items that could be used by pregnant women, young mothers, infants or children? Take them to HPC.

• Going garage sale shopping? Find a perfect baby item or maternity outfit but you don’t “need” one? Buy it anyway and donate the good-quality item to HPC.

• Loose change collection? When you fill that piggy bank, take it to HPC.

• Does a friend/family member have baby items, such as cribs or bibs, they no longer need? Encourage them to donate those items to the HPC.

• Attending a baby shower? Suggest the new mom to donate her “duplicates” to the HPC.

• Christmas shopping? Buy the “great deal” and donate it to the HPC.

• Know someone who has received items from HPC? Urge them to re-donate the same items so they can “pay it forward.”

• Feeling blue? “Medicate” your soul with a stewardship purchase of a baby item and donate it to the HPC.

The Heartland Pregnancy Care Center is at 1027 Washington Road, Suite D, Newton, KS 67114. For more information, visit or call 283-7333.