$6.4 million

WHAT IT IS: The city of Newton's 2013 budget for the water division of the department of public works. The budget is up from the 2012 adopted budget of $4.52 million and the 2011 budget of $4.4 million. The department will bring in an estimated $5.14 million in revenue this year.

DEPARTMENT STATS: The city's water department provides drinking water to community members and water supplies for fire protection. The city's water treatment plant processes about 2.2 million gallons of ground water per day pumped from 14 wells in the Equus Beds. Treatment includes chlorine, fluoride, sodium bicarbonate and caustic soda for pH adjustment. The department's infrastructure includes four 500,000 gallon water towers and a 3.6 million gallon storage tank. The city will pump an estimated 900 million gallons of water in 2013.

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the department's 2013 budget are: - Personnel services: $1.71 million (The department has the equivalent of 14 full-time staff members; positions include water plant supervisor, service technician, waterworks maintenance workers and two waterworks meter readers.) *Note: Personnel services also includes additional administrative personnel costs city-wide. - Contractual services: $1.24 million - Commodities and supplies: $164,500 - Vehicle operating: $100,000 - Capital outlay: $50,000 - Transfers: $3.13 million

2013 OBJECTIVES: Projects slated for the coming year include evaluating and repairing the roof at the First Street booster station and continuing the meter change out program, including upgrades to automatic read abilities. Weather continues to be a challenge for the department, with very dry or very wet weather generally leading to water main breaks.

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