An un-named breeder voluntarily surrendered 37 dogs to the Kansas Department of Agriculture and Animal Health Division Tuesday.
Those dogs were supposed to be taken to shelters for adoption — but most of them were put to sleep. Due to old age and poor health, 26 of the 27 were put to sleep. Seven of them are now at Caring Hands, awaiting adoption.
The breeder gave up two different breeds — Lhasa Apsos and Chihuahuas. The Chihauhuas went to a different shelter. Caring Hands took in seven Lhasa Apsos — most of them about three years old.
The breeder gave up 22 Lhasa Apsos and 15 Chihuahuas. Caring Hands Humane Society was expecting to rescue approximately 17 of the dogs. When they dogs came, there were seven.
When the animals arrived at Caring Hands, staff will closed the facility to the public. According to a news release, the facility was closed to prevent undue stress to the animals.
All of the dogs rescued Tuesday are available for viewing today.
Caring Hands is seeking new homes for each of the dogs — though not allowing online adoption of them. Those wishing to adopt must complete the application in person.
Caring Hands Humane Society is a private not for profit Humane Society located at 1400 S.E. Third in Newton. For more information call (316) 283-0839 or visit