Six children took part in a number of activities during the Joyful Noise Music Studio Confetti Days Adventure Camp Tuesday morning, such as dancing around the room with colorful scarves and singing.
“It’s a young child development class through music and movement,” instructor Diane Walter said.
The children enjoyed themselves, listening to music, moving shakers to the beat of music, having snacktime, helping fold the picnic cloth used during snacktime and making their own music.
“They’re scientifically proven that music is the only thing that touches on every area of a child’s development,” Walter said.
The camp interweaves a variety of activities for children to enjoy.
“This exciting celebration-packed curriculum incorporates an integrated learning approach where music is interwoven with movement, art, language, drama, play and storytelling to produce a tapestry of multisensory experiences for the child,” a Joyful Noise brochure stated.
Children taking part in the camp included Anna Hamill, Blake Smith, Cassidy Child, Colin LeFevre, Katie Smith and Taryn Claassen.