Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• If you think government flu shots are bad, try government health care. I hate to see it.

• Whoever took the little wagon off the big trailer in the backyard in the 400 block of East Third, please return it. You didn’t have enough nerve the first time to take it, so you left it by the fence. And now it’s gone again. You know, that is stealing.

• I also have noticed the new $30,000 water tower looks like it has a ring of chipped paint and rust.

• I’m wondering why we don’t have a good-quality shoe store in town. We have to go to Wichita to buy shoes.

• I have some comments about the upcoming fairgrounds. They’re talking about taking the bonds that are going to mature in 2011 on the law enforcement center and using that money to pay for at least part of the fairgrounds. I think that’s wrong. They shouldn’t start that up again. That ends in 2011. Therefore, that mill levy should drop off. If they want to start a new one they should put it to the people and let them vote on it.

• Congratulations to the Newton freshmen football team for going undefeated. Great job coaches and players!