Q. Where are the created wetlands, and how does the public approach and enjoy them?

Q. Where are the created wetlands, and how does the public approach and enjoy them?

A. The wetlands, part of the Sand Creek restoration project, are north of Southwest 14th Street, west of Sand Creek.

The 35-acre area contains grass, a few bushes, trees and water. The area has stormwater runoff in it and is flooded with effluent water.

However, as far as enjoying them, city public works director Suzanne Loomis said it is not an area open to the public at this time.

Q. Are there plans to connect the bike path from First Street to the segment near Sand Creek Station Golf Course that opens to Southwest 14th Street?

Also, will there be a connection of the short segment near Main Street and the Old Mill beside the railroad?

A. I really should get out more. I confess, I’ve never been on the bike paths and probably should, as it might help me have perspective on these questions.

Of course, being as directionally and visually challenged as I am, I still would have trouble visualizing it in my head to know what people are asking about.

But moving on. Suzanne Loomis again offered some insight into this answer.

She said someday, the pathway from First Street south may connect to the pathway that comes north from Sand Creek Station Golf Course.

However, the city is planning to gradually build the piece north of the railroad trestle and has applied for grants to fund the remainder, but has yet to be successful in that quest.

Regarding the connection of the pathway from Main Street past the Old Mill, Loomis said the connection from that path to First Street already is in place.

Now, someone recently asked if the Kansan could run an anonymous survey regarding Newton trash service.

According to the asker, many in Newton don’t use the trash service because they are afraid of being penalized or ticketed.

So, in response to that, our survey question this week is related to just that — Newton trash service.

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