Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• To keep your teen alcohol proof, talk to your child early about what you expect in their behavior toward alcohol, tobacco or drugs. If they think you will allow substance use, they are more likely to try them. Keep teens busy with meaningfull activities such as sports, church or other groups. Expect teens to follow household rules. Keep the conversations open and praise them for everything done well. Know their friends. Having friends who avoid alocohol may be the best protection.

• If people were more observant, they would see there is a flag pole in front of Sante Fe Middle School, and the flag is flying nicely.

• I would like to know what that nasty ring is around the bottom of the $30,000 cloud-painted water tower. The tower in Park City doesn’t look like that.

• I think the Chamber of Commerce ought to have a novelty for the guy who puts the plants and flowers in the boxes and benches south of the tracks. He has taken care of all that on the south side of town. He has done that without any money from the city. He waters them and takes care of it all himself. He has made the south side of town prettier than the north side. But now we are a Tri-City. You have the south side of the railroad tracks, that is the south side of town. Then you have downtown; that is from the railroad tracks to Eighth Street, then you have the north side on the other side of the tracks. So we are a Tri-City. We ought to be recognized for having the most beautiful city in the state.

• As a parent and a para educator, I would like to say the Chisholm staff is always very considerate and professional, and concern about the students is No. 1. Everyone is dressed professionally, and jeans come in dress styles. So quit being so concerned about the jeans. Education is about the children, not if your employees are wearing dress jeans or not. When we get are raises, then let’s talk.