The Newton High School girls’ bowling team remained unbeaten this season while the Railer boys ran into a buzzsaw Thursday in a triangular at Play-Mor Lanes.

The Newton High School girls’ bowling team remained unbeaten this season while the Railer boys ran into a buzzsaw Thursday in a triangular at Play-Mor Lanes.
The Railer girls downed Buhler 2,165-2,012. Buhler won the boys’ meet at 2,621, followed by Newton at 2,428 and Peabody-Burns at 1,817.
Newton’s Shanna Cash had the high series for the girls at 596, followed by Cassidy Ashcraft at 576 and Buhler’s Kristin Vieyra at 556. Cash had the high game of 233, followed by Ashcraft at 216 and Katlyn Roberts of Buhler at 199.
“It was a good day for the girls,” Newton coach Keith Woolery said. “Cassidy Ashcraft had a 576, another good day for her. Shanna Cash just came in off the JV side and shot a 596. We had a couple of really good series there. The girls were just about where they’ve been shooting most of the season — 2,165 is on the high end. Buhler was good competition.”
Buhler’s Joel Hardon had the high boys’ series at 703, followed by Kyle Severin at 693 and Mason Story at 668. Hardon had the high game of 279, followed by Newton’s Austin Jones at 257 and Severin at 256.
Tyler Kreier had Newton’s high series at 651, followed by Jones at 632.
“The boys shot about their average,” Woolery said. “If Cody Schmidt and Sam Keir would have both shot their average, we might have won that. They both had off days. They’ve both been pretty consistent. I was happy with Tyler Kreier and Sam Jones. Both had good series. Talking with the Buhler coach, this was an awfully good day for them. They shot over their heads.”
The Railer junior varsity girls bowled unopposed for the second straight week, posting a score of 1,700. Quinn Anderson had the high series of 477 and the high game of 166.
The JV boys won 2,001-906. Buhler had just two bowlers. Newton shot a season high. Tyler Jones led Newton at 540, followed by Jacob Skala at 520. Skala had the high JV game of 202.
“The JV girls had a good day, but didn’t have any competition,” Woolery said. “The JV boys shot their best score of the year. It was the first time they broke 2,000. ... I was pleased with how the JV boys did.”
Peabody-Burns was led by Wes Shaw with a 521. Shaw had the Warriors’ high game of 197. The Warriors bowl Feb. 19 at Salina Sacred Heart.
Newton competes at 4 p.m. Monday against Hutchinson at Countryside Lanes.
“We got to Hutch Monday and Maize with Dodge City on Friday,” Woolery said. “Those are both important meets for us.”
Varsity Girls
BUHLER (2,012) — Colleen Withey 121-132-120—373, Alana Hunt 164-159-138—461, Amber Aden 151-167-170—488, Kristin Vieyra 185-189-182—556, Joely Bartel 146-123-162—431, Katlyn Roberts 177-199-131—507.
NEWTON (2,165) — Anastasia Wacker 167-163-151—481, Sarah Bell 153-140-151—444, Cassidy Ashcraft 216-189-171—576, Shelby Gronau 146-182-171—512, Shanna Cash 180-183-233—596, Mollie Schwabauer 138-141-151—430.
NEWTON JV (1,700) — Quinn Anderson 151-166-160—477, Sonya Gallegos 138-109-123—370, Chelsee Anderson 157-110-134—401, Abbie Holler 152-143-148—443, Emilie Erickson 98-144-77—319, Vickie Prine 116-134-129—379.
Varsity Boys
BUHLER (2,621) — Garrett Hardon 201-190-166—557, Jaron Pifer 159-208-141—508, Kyle Severin 201-236-256—693, Mason Story 223-212-233—668, Joel Hardon 252-172-279—703, Jimmy Hall 148-139-148—435.
PEABODY-BURNS (1,817) — John Spechtenhauser 102-166-118—386, Kenny Battle 124-147-194—465, Wes Shaw 155-197-169—521, Kristen McGonigal 141-136-112—389, Curtis Frederick 119-167-156—442, James Battle 108-90-175—373.
NEWTON (2,428) — Cody Schmidt 144-224-192—560, Sam Keir 148-195-148—491, Austin Jones 257-213-162—632, Jared Linn 169-225-191—585, Tyler Kreier 253-221-177—651, Kyle Wright 172-205-167—544.
Junior varsity boys
Newton 2,001, Buhler 906
(Buhler had two bowlers)
NEWTON — Joshua Rikoff , Tyler Jones , Tyler Nunn 171-138-174—483, Jacob Skala 158-202-160—520, Tim Jantzi 111-143-126—380, Raymond Johnson 151-164-139—458.
Monday’s meet
Varsity girls
Newton 2,148,
McPherson 1,945
NEWTON — Wacker 160-234-230—624, Bell 154-181-138—473, Gronau 192-150-159—501, Ashcraft 164-189-150—503, Schwabauer 181-170-169—520, Gallegos 113-128-130—371.
Varsity boys
McPherson 2,631,
Newton 2,277
NEWTON — Schmidt 224-226-153—603, A.Jones 184-171-180—535, Linn 174-145-135—454, Kier 215-194-173—582, Kreier 181-193-183—557, Rikoff 193-135-189—517.
Junior varsity girls
Newton 1,711,
McPherson 1,397
NEWTON — Q.Confer-Anderson 161-139-138—438, Holler 112-139-149—400, C.Anderson 171-143-99—413, Prine 116-152-153—421, Erickson 106-109-153—368, Cash 125-162-152—439.
Junior varsity boys
McPherson 2,193,
Newton 1,781
NEWTON — T.Jones 121-152-209—482, Skala 149-168-160—477, Nunn 135-112-144—391, Jantzi 1340142-155—431, Johnson 131-112-135—378.