A former child-care provider who was charged with breaking a 2-month-old boy’s leg in 2006 pleaded no contest to a charge of aggravated battery Wednesday in Harvey County District Court.


Nancy Blankley, 47, of Newton initially tried to shift blame for the child’s injury away from herself.


She said the child was injured when his mother dropped his carrier before taking him to Blankley’s in-home child care in December 2006.


Blankley then tried to blame the injury on the child’s older sister.


Harvey County Attorney David Yoder said he did not think Blankley intentionally meant to hurt the child, but he was concerned she initially tried to blame others for the injury.


“No one thinks that she deliberately broke the child’s leg out of some sadistic purpose,” Yoder said, “but it was something serious that had to be addressed.”


Blankley finally told police she had been frustrated and angry that day concerning some personal problems and several of the children she was caring for were acting up, Yoder said.


She told a Newton Police Department investigator she was changing the child’s diaper, and he was kicking.


She demonstrated how she jerked the child up and held him by his leg.


When the parents picked up their son from day care on the day of the incident, the child was crying and his leg was swollen.


They took him to Newton Medical Center, where physicians determined the child’s leg had a spiral fracture.


Blankley, who had a child-care license for 10 years prior to the incident, voluntarily gave up her license after the incident.


An aggravated battery conviction will prohibit Blankley from obtaining a future child-care license or working as a child-care provider in the state of Kansas, according to state statute.


Blankley faces a 31 to 38 month sentence, but because she has no prior convictions, the judge could sentence her to probation, Yoder said.


A lesser charge of abuse of a child was dropped.


Yoder said he visited with the boy’s parents prior to taking the plea, and they indicated they approved of the outcome of the negotiations.


Sentencing is set for 3:30 p.m. March 31.