The Newton High School girls’ bowling team remained unbeaten while the Railer boys rebounded from their first loss of the season after claiming wins Tuesday at Play-Mor Lanes.

The Newton High School girls’ bowling team remained unbeaten while the Railer boys rebounded from their first loss of the season after claiming wins Tuesday at Play-Mor Lanes.

The Railer girls beat El Dorado 2,115 to 1,471. The Railer boys edged El Dorado 2,424-2,335 with Peabody-Burns finishing third at 1,884.

“The varsity boys had a good meet,” Newton coach Keith Woolery said. “We had a couple of boys with one bad game. That kept our series from being a lot higher than it was. Tyler Kreier and Jared Linn both threw two good games and one bad game. It’s still a win, and 2,424 is better than we shot at McPherson yesterday. Peabody seems to be improving, The varsity girls shot a 2,100, which seems to be what we’re shooting. Anastasia (Wacker) shot a 551, which was not as good as her last two meets, where she has gone over 600. It was a substantial win.”

The Railer girls swept the high series honors with Cassidy Ashcraft at 569, Anna Wacker at 551 and Sarah Bell at 481. Wacker had the high game at 204, followed by Ashcraft at 200 and Shelby Gronau at 190.

“In practice, I’ve bowled better,” Ashcraft said. “But that’s my best in tournaments. I was proud of the 200 (on her first game). Today was better (than yesterday against McPherson). Today, I was more relaxed. I didn’t get upset if I missed a spare. It was probably one of our team’s better games. I’m pretty confident we could do pretty well by the end of the season. Our coach has been working on helping us pick up spares. That’s been helping. I just have to keep my cool. I do that, and I will be fine.”

The Newton boys were led by Cody Schmidt with a 654, followed by El Dorado’s Alex Wygle at 622 and Christian Krug at 612. Schmidt and Newton’s Jared Linn tied for high game at 255. Wygle was third at 250.

Schmidt and Linn both had a chance at a 700 series. Linn had a low first game at 132. Schmidt rolled his best game first and dropped off with a 207 and 192.

“Everybody was throwing the same shot. It was just drying up,” Schmidt said. “Jared Linn had a 255 on his last game. Everybody was doing better than yesterday. I shot a 603. It was a loss, so it was pretty tough. Today was supposed to be our up day. We all felt better.

“We have to keep everybody pumped up. We can’t let anybody get down. If we lose our mental game, we had one bad shot and it all goes down. If one player is down, we just need to get everybody else to help him out.”

Peabody-Burns continues to improve in its first season. The Warriors were led by Kenny Battle with a 536. Wes Shaw had the high game for the Warriors at 203.

“We are consistently improving at every meet,” Peabody-Burns coach Curtis McBride said. “We had one kid shot a 203 today. That was Wes Shaw. That was his best game in competition. Everybody is consistently improving.”

The Warriors are coming off their first win of the year Thursday, falling to Salina Sacred Heart and beating Wichita Collegiate. The team fell to Cheney Monday.

“We only came within 100 pins of winning (against Sacred Heart),” McBride said. “Yesterday, we took second against Cheney at Cheney.”

The Railer junior varsity girls bowled unopposed due to illness on the El Dorado team. rolling a 1,707. Shanna Cash rolled a 529 series and had the high game of 193.

The Newton JV boys fell to El Dorado by 20 pins, 1,852-1,832. Jacob Skala had high series of 508 and high game of 200.

“I was real proud of the JV boys,” Woolery said. “It was a good series for them. I wish we could have won that one, but they are improving. The girls had a 1,707, which is a good series for them. I wish they had someone to bowl against. El Dorado was plagued with sick girls today.”

Newton and Peabody-Burns face Buhler at 3:30 p.m. Thursday at Play-Mor Lanes.

Monday, the Railers competed at McPherson. The Railer girls won 2,148-1,945. The Railer boys lost 2,623-2,280, the first loss of the season for the boys and the lowest score of the season. The junior varsity boys lost 2,193-1,781. The junior varsity girls won, but no score was available.

Varsity girls

EL DORADO (1,471) — Amanda Riddle 161-131-179—471, Susie Oltman 102-125-159—386, Sarah Burnett 92-115-111—318, Allison Hill 91-112-93—296, Jonnie Stahl 76-72-68—216, Whitney Smith 49-67-73—189.

NEWTON (2,115) — Anna Wacker 175-204-172—551, Sarah Bell 179-183-152—514, Shelby Gronau 148-143-190—481, Cassidy Ashcraft 200-189-180—569, Mollie Schwabauer 125-133-155—413, Sonja Gallegos 159-133-107—399.

Varsity boys

EL DORADO (2,335) — Christian Krug 197-229-186—612, Andy Long 180-192-206—578, Alex Wygle 250-198-174—622, Blake Holton 176-180-167—523, William Krug 158-150-179—487, Nik Evans 194-143-162—499.

PEABODY-BURNS (1,884) — John Spechtenhauser 153-125-146—424, Curtis Frederick 131-131-190—452, Kenny Battle 158-185-193—536, Wes Shaw 147-203-122—472, James Battle 140-138-131—409, Spencer Moffett 103-133-104—340.

NEWTON (2,424) — Cody Schmidt 255-207-192—654, Sam Kier 213-163-172—548, Austin Jones 185-206-199—590, Jared Linn 132-209-255—596, Tyler Kreier 215-147-222—584, Joshua Rikoff 169-146-154—469.

Junior varsity boys

El Dorado 1,852,

Newton 1,832

NEWTON — Jacob Skala 200-170-138—508, Tyler Jones 172-140-178—490, Tyler Nunn 156-144-136—436, Tim Jantzi 122-143-133—398, Raymond Johnson 123-120-119—362.

Junior varsity girls

No match

NEWTON (1,707) — Emily Erickson 142-110-136—388, Shanna Cash 183-153-193—529, Vickie Prine 102-122-128—352, Chelsee Anderson 118-144-176—438, Abbie Holler 114-115-118—347.