A pickup truck driven by Richard Kliewer of Newton collided Monday with two occupied vehicles and the electronic sign at Midland Bank’s south branch at 1212 Washington Road.

The accident occurred shortly before 11:30 a.m. Monday.

Witnesses said Kliewer’s vehicle collided with two vehicles before hitting the bank sign, breaking the pickup in two pieces.

Sgt. Mike Yoder with the Newton Police Department said one of the occupied vehicles received only minor damage, with a side mirror being taken off. The other vehicle had the entire front end damaged.

Two other vehicles owned by bank employees were parked in the parking lot and received minor damage from debris, Yoder said.

Other than the sign, Yoder said there was no significant damage to bank property.

Kliewer was transported to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita in critical condition but was treated and released Monday, said Lt. Craig Dunlavy with the NPD. Kliewer is either 40 or 41 years old, Dunlavy said.

No one else was injured, Yoder said.

Dunlavy said it is still unclear what caused the accident, but a full investigation is being conducted.

Dunlavy said a diagram is being worked up by a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper, but at this point they do not know how fast the pickup was going.

The police department, Harvey County Sheriff’s Department and the Kansas Highway Patrol all responded and assisted with traffic control and “picking up the pieces,” Dunlavy said.

The accident scene stretched from Southeast 14th into the bank parking lot.