It's open forum week, what's on your mind?

ē I donít know who you are or I would be knocking on your door. Thanks to you, I have skinned knee and elbows and bruises on my arm. Iím very sore from a fall. I am in my 70s, and I donít need this. Either clean up after your dog or give him up. You donít deserve pets, anyway. I never take my dog out or for a walk without a bag in my hand. Better yet, say off East Second Street, as I will be watching for you. Iím sure you know who you are.

ē I wonder why police canít catch the ďbumble beeĒ cars with big mufflers on them. They take the catalytic converters off to put them on, and itís federal law they canít do that.

ē Who is responsible for making the city or business owners sweep the sidewalks of broken glass? Considering I take my dog for walks on a regular basis, it would be kind of nice to have my dog avoid stepping on glass and getting injured again. Who do I send the bill to if it happens again? Just curious.