The Board of Health Ministries Clinic wishes to thank the Women’s Community Fund for the generous award of $3,000. The grant, administered by the Greater Newton Community Foundation, will provide cancer screening for low-income uninsured women.

While cancer is the second-leading cause of death for Harvey County residents, early detection and intervention can make a true difference in the ultimate outcome for the patient.

Malignancies often are detected through routine physical exams when the patient is experiencing no symptoms.

Consider the Health Ministries Clinic patient in her late 20s diagnosed with cervical cancer following a routine pelvic exam. The patient was referred to cancer specialists, underwent treatment and is blessed by a positive prognosis for a full recovery.

That woman, along with many others lacking financial means, are faced with the difficult choice of providing for their family or seeking an annual well woman exam. This grant helps bridge the financial gap and makes that choice a bit easier.

The 37 members of the Women’s Community Fund can take pride in knowing their contributions are keeping area women healthy, productive and with their families.

— Tina Payne, executive director