>The Harvey County United Way has a long history in our community of helping those who are needing a “hand up” in difficult times.

Hesston Community Child Care has been providing quality care and education for children in Harvey County for the past 26 years, and for nearly all of those years, has depended upon the United Way to help us offer our services to all children regardless of their ability to pay.

We have working families employed at minimum-wage jobs that do not allow them to pay the full cost of child care as it is charged. Some parents are attending college to improve their ability to support themselves and their families, and are not able to afford child care. Because of United Way, we can provide them the help they need for their children. For every $1 we spend at the early childhood level, we save $7 later in remedial services.

Each United Way agency in Harvey County helps in its own way. Please consider giving one gift that will help all of us continue to reach out to the needy of our community.

— Judy Friesen,

director, Hesston Child Care