What happened to the idea that we must have independence from foreign oil? The election and cheaper gas at the pump have put what was national issue No. 1 only six weeks ago on the back burner.

Seems lots of our members of Congress are far more interested in trying to “dodge” their involvement in the financial conditions that exist in our country today.

The only way we ever will be free of our dependence on foreign oil will occur when we take all authority away from Congress and turn it over to free markets that only will be run by private enterprise.

The evil oil companies, however hated, are the people who have built the refineries, drilled for oil they discovered through their own geologists who studied the Earth conditions and produced the crude.

This crude, however “evil,” did run the trains, planes, trucks, cars and industry of this nation through its best days.

Industry thrived and our nation became great because private enterprise was not saddled by a bunch of inept, power-hungry Congressmen who made laws and restricted small guys with big dreams from exercising their dreams.

Turn industry loose and watch America come back to life. Don’t drive our manufacturers overseas with corporate taxes that are only paid for by the people who buy the products they produce.

Everybody wants jobs, but without manufacturing, there are no jobs.

— Ted Roth, Newton