To my fellow residents of Richland Township: With this letter, and my write-in vote, I would like to express my appreciation for the leadership and faithful service of our outgoing Richland Township Commissioners Joan Wallace and David Ulbrich, both of whom were defeated in the August primary. I know these folks from the monthly township meetings we used to have, which I attended regularly and at which I saw a total of five other residents, none of them twice. The meetings were eventually made quarterly because of a lack of interest. Our new township commissioners won’t have it easy. Fortunately, they will have the benefit of Joan’s extensive groundwork with FEMA (weather has been hard on our roads the past couple of years) and I’m sure they’re looking forward to the paperwork. I doubt they’ll be able to find anyone of Dave’s caliber to run and maintain our good equipment for $11 an hour — he is, after all, a retired Navy SeaBee with decades of heavy equipment and road-building experience all around the world. But who knows? Perhaps they’ll find a heavy equipment operator/mechanic who’d rather not earn at least twice as much elsewhere for personal reasons. Above all, I hope they and their best efforts will be respected, that they won’t find themselves using their personal equipment for township business, or suffering well-timed and questionable criticism with no opportunity for response. I hear that’s happening right now in another township. See you at our township meetings? — D. M. Shifflett, McLains