I am a Republican, and I will be voting for T. Walton. This is more than a political race between a Democrat and a Republican for me and the many other current Harvey County law enforcement officers who support Walton for sheriff. We too, believe integrity, experience, character, leadership, loyalty and service are important characteristics for the next sheriff. Many of us worked with T. Walton and Bruce Jolliff for a number of years; therefore, we have a clear understanding about which candidate possesses these necessary qualities. That is exactly why we are supporting T. Walton! I have been working with T. Walton for nearly 18 years on the Newton Police Department. I encourage voters to ask any officer or office employee on the department who he/she is supporting in the sheriff campaign and the answer often will be “T. Walton.” There are legitimate reasons why we are supporting Walton. Ask us, and we will tell you why. Both candidates have people who are passionate about their support for their respective candidate. However, Walton earned the endorsements of current law enforcement officers from many agencies in Harvey County, including some endorsements from current Harvey County sheriff deputies. Walton did not solicit our endorsements. Instead, all of us approached him and offered our support and gave him our endorsement. Walton did not have to ask us because we know his character. We trust him, and we believe in him because he leads with class and integrity. Walton has the credentials to teach classes at KLETC, but he chose to keep working at the police department to serve the residents of Harvey County. Jolliff chose to leave. Jolliff stated in a mailer he attended the FBI academy to “learn law enforcement management skills from the nation’s top cops.” Walton did not have to attend the FBI National Academy to learn how to lead or to learn how to manage people. Besides, what do the “nation’s top cops” know about the needs of Harvey County residents? T. Walton understands what the residents of Harvey County want and expect from their sheriff’s department. He has served for 24 consecutive years in Harvey County, and he is ready to serve as our new Harvey County sheriff. Help current law enforcement officers elect T. Walton for Harvey County sheriff!! — Randy Jordan, school resource officer, Newton Police Department