We learned to know T. Walton in the fall of 1994, as the result of our daughterís tragic death.

Although a newly appointed Newton Police Department detective at the time, T. was determined to find the perpetrator.

He did not give up looking for answers until he was able to get a conviction in November of 1999 and put the murderer behind bars for a life sentence.

As grandparents of eight grandchildren, one of whom traumatically witnessed the heinous crime committed against her mother at the age of 6, we are further impressed with T.ís desire to initiate the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center.

This center and T. Walton have received numerous and well-deserved awards. It is a testimony to T. and his wife Karenís tireless commitment to young victims in our area.

Harvey County needs an individual who will stay focused and determined to find truthful answers to criminal activity in this community.

Judging from numerous letters to the editor written by active police and sheriff officers, as well as local attorneys, T. is highly regarded and respected by those he works with on a daily basis.

His attention and commitment to the protection of and pursuit of justice for local citizens is something we desire for our community.

Please join us in casting your vote for T. Walton as the next sheriff of Harvey County.

ó Bob and Mary Lou Schmidt, Newton