As a native Newtonian, with many dear friends and family there, I encourage you to vote T. Walton for Harvey County sheriff.

I have been privileged to know him for more than 14 years following a family violent crime tragedy.

We have continued to keep in touch as friends and as professionals in similar helping fields.

T. Walton always has been an authentic professional of justice as a peace officer. He respectfully seeks the truth without a motive of self-glorification.

I have seen many repeated examples of his integrity throughout the years.

His many local and statewide recognitions/awards confirm his sincerity and integrity.

His dedication and commitment to the Newton community, his colleagues and profession, as well as his family, continue to be highly respected.

A vote for T. Walton is a vote for a leader who leads well and who leads by example.


Rochelle Schmidt, Emporia