It is rare one has the opportunity to interact with a person who consistently and positively impacts the lives of those they come into contact with, both in his personal life and professional career.

This letter is written to address one such person, Lt. T. Walton.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Lt. T. Walton while employed with the Newton Police Department.

Lieutenant Walton is a consistent and loyal leader. He accepts challenge with enthusiasm and exhibits the utmost loyalty for the residents he serves, as well as those who are fortunate enough to work with him.

He is a strong leader who is well versed and knowledgeable in the laws he strives to uphold.

As a supervisor, he is a stable, consistent and caring teacher who leads by example. He lives and interacts with others by innate personal values that he does not abandon or compromise for the good of himself in unfavorable times. His integrity is unwavering.

Lieutenant Walton has always been an advocate for children’s rights as well as victims of sexual assault. I have witnessed him give of himself countless times above and beyond what was required or expected.

His dedication to his community, the department he serves and those he works with is unparalleled.

When faced with difficult circumstances, he remains positive and upbeat and works with dedication to achieve appropriate resolution.

This was proven when he developed a suspect for the Rhonda Krehbiel murder investigation. T. Walton went against the grain, refusing to limit the focus of a particular suspect in this case and continued to diligently investigate each detail for years. This ultimately resulted in the arrest and conviction of Chester Higgenbothom.

Lieutenant Walton continues to demonstrate a tireless and thorough investigative proficiency in his career, always working to uncover the truth and making sure appropriate steps are taken to bring just and lawful resolution. Having also worked with Bruce Jolliff, I feel that of these two candidates Lt. Walton is a more suitable candidate for sheriff.

Throughout lieutenant Walton’s career, he has exhibited strength of character, confidence in carrying out his duties, sound judgment and competent leadership skills and is well suited to lead the Harvey County Sheriff’s Department. Harvey County residents, as well as the employees of the sheriff’s office, would be fortunate to have such a definitive leader.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve with him.

— Barb McGee, Wichit