I would like to add my endorsement for T. Walton for Harvey County sheriff.

I know both T. Walton and Bruce Jolliff. I retired from the Newton Police Department and worked with both on a daily basis.

I supervised both of them at different points of their careers. This gives me a working insight to both individuals very few others have.

I know both candidates have been endorsed by others. As you have read from these endorsements for both candidates, they have accomplished a great deal during their law enforcement careers.

I also know both will have future endorsements. Most of these endorsements are from family, friends or other individuals who know each candidate, but did not work with either on a day-to-day basis like I did.

The difference between the two candidates is this: There are those who do the work but ask and seek no credit, which is T. Walton.

If you are an undecided voter, I would urge you to contact me or a current law enforcement officer and ask their opinion.

Ed Graves, retired Newton Police lieutenant