This election isn’t only important on the national level, here in the 72nd District; we have an important decision for whom to elect as our representative.

I attended the debate the Chamber sponsored for all area candidates. I thought, overall, everyone did a nice job of conducting themselves in a respectful manner.

I learned a lot when candidates Marc Rhoades and Tom Adrian answered questions about why they would be the best candidate.

Something really bothered me when the issue of supporting local schools came up. It came to my attention Marc Rhoades home schooled his children for much of their K-12 education. If we are going to use tax dollars to support our schools, I want a leader whose family actually uses them.

Lastly, vouchers was an issue that was brought up. Do we support them or not? One argument is it brings more choice to parents. If you have a child in a “failing school,” you can use the voucher toward enrollment at a private institution.

Tom Adrian had a wonderful point. He said we already have choices for parents. No one is forced to go to public schools. You can go to a private school or home school. I believe it isn’t the taxpayers’ responsibility to use taxpayer dollars to send someone to a private school.

I believe if a school is not meeting criteria it should, we should ask why. Do they need more training? Do they need more guidance on the best way to educate children?

There are so many questions to ask. I believe dangling a check in front of someone’s face won’t solve this problem. I hope people of the 72nd District take a look at both candidates. Who do you believe is the best person to lead us? I think that person is Tom Adrian. He has proven to the community he isn’t just a talker — he is a doer. When he sees something wrong, he doesn’t just stand still, he finds out how to fix it.

— Kevin Duffy, Newton