I am writing in support of Tom Adrian, candidate for Kansas House of Representatives from the 72nd District. I believe Tom is uniquely qualified to represent the 72nd District.

As a community member, Tom doesn’t just support efforts to improve our lives, he serves as a leader and facilitator for the groups that are given the responsibility to see that these improvements happen.

In situation after situation, Tom has patiently and persistently worked to bring people of good will but differing opinions to a positive result.

Tom has made his home here, sent his children to our public schools and built a solid reputation in his law practice, where he is respected by both clients and fellow attorneys. Tom has been a stalwart supporter of his church, having served on numerous committees and projects during the past 40 years.

Now, he has stepped forward to run for public office at a time when solid leadership and proven effectiveness have never been more critical.

Please join me in voting for Tom Adrian as our representative in the state Legislature. We need his voice to speak for us.

— Jan Saab, Newton