One person comes to my mind, and that is Lt. T. Walton, to keep Harvey County safe.

T. Walton has the integrity, quality and trustworthiness to keep our families safe.

Walton’s grandfather was a police officer in New York City, and his dad received a Purple Heart in the Normandy invasion during World War II.

T. Walton has been an officer and detective for more than 20 years. He has assisted in solving some cases quickly and decisively, while other cases he has devoted years working on.

These are the credentials that give Walton the integrity, quality, trustworthiness and the ability to work hard to keep our communities safe. His past history speaks for itself.

One of my family members was violated more than 10 years ago. My dad was in court and got nowhere. My mom passed away before any action was taken.

The Kansas attorney general’s office worked on the case and got nowhere.

T. Walton worked on the case and arrested the perpetrators; a jury convicted them in a federal court and sent them to prison for years.

It is T. Walton who we need to run our sheriff’s department. Vote T. Walton on Election Day!

— Harlin Balzer,