I wish to recommend voters in Newton and Harvey County support Tom Adrian for state representative.

Iíve known Tom for 17 years, and feel his leadership in our community and in his church qualify him to represent us in Topeka.

As a close friend, I know Tomís youth had a large impact on his values and work ethics.

As a city kid, my busy days growing up were the days when I was mowing lawns. Tomís summer days on the farm meant putting in 12- and 14-hour days. Working closely with his father shaped his political philosophy of open mindedness and inclusive feelings toward others.

These values, ethics and responsibilities have shaped Tomís success in important and positive ways.

The Adrian family always has placed a high importance on public education as a foundation for community growth.

I hope you will vote for my friend, Tom Adrian. I know he will work diligently to support you.

ó Joseph Lickteig, Newton