I have watched from afar as the race for Harvey County sheriff has carried on. I, along with many current and former law enforcement officers, have watched as the candidates have been maligned and attacked, as well as supported.

There have been many things said and written about all of them; some true, some false and some greatly exaggerated. So it has been difficult deciding whether to correct what has been said, or to just endorse who I feel is by far the best candidate. I have chosen the latter.

I worked with all of the candidates during my time with the Newton Police Department. Of the two still active in the race, one supervised me for a brief period of time before I ascended the ranks and became an equal with him, and the other was hired along with me, and we worked our way through the department together.

While both men are well known in the law enforcement community, one enjoys a positive relationship with all agencies in Harvey County and is deeply respected throughout. That man is T. Walton.

Many of the positive things T. has said and done have been commented on in this forum numerous times. T.s campaign has been one fueled by his accomplishments and the relationships he has forged through honest, hard work and a desire to truly help others.

He has been a constant mainstay in the local law enforcement community for more than 20 years. He is revered and respected by the citizenry he serves, as well as the men and women he serves alongside. It is these attributes that make a good sheriff.

Whether solving the Krehbiel homicide by going the extra mile or developing the state standard for child advocacy that is being imitated state- and even nationwide, T. has proven he is willing to do whatever it takes to not just get the job done but to do it with class.

I am proud to consider him a friend and, while he would never have asked me to write an endorsement for him, I would highly recommend you elect T. Walton as your next Harvey County sheriff a man of integrity, good character and incredible work ethic.

Curtis Nightingale,

former Newton Police lieutenant, former Newton mayor and forever Newton native