I have known T. Walton since he first joined the Newton Police Reserves in 1983. I watched him grow from a rookie police officer to the rank he has today, lieutenant in charge of investigations.

Throughout those years, T. Walton has displayed fairness, honesty and a positive attitude that has directly reflected on the Newton Police Department.

It has been an honor for me not only to have known T. Walton for the past 25 years, but to have been able to work alongside him in law enforcement.

T. Walton, Bruce Jolliff and A.J. Wuthnow all worked under me at one time or another. Each officer served the Newton Police Department and accomplished many things.

But the one officer who stands out amongst the others is, without a doubt, T. Walton.

Integrity is a term used frequently in describing candidates, but it’s a term T. Walton has earned through the work he does for the residents of the community and the respect he has been given by his fellow law enforcement officers and emergency workers.

Please pay attention to what has been going on during this campaign. Read between the lines. Listen to those residents who encourage you to ask questions of personnel who have worked with all these candidates.

T. Walton has received endorsements by many people who work with him day in and day out. This alone speaks volumes.

Vote T. Walton on Tuesday. Bring integrity, character, honesty and experience back to the Harvey County Sheriff’s Department.

— Ed Lundblade,

retired lieutenant,

Newton Police Department,

Mustang, Okla.