Name: Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick

Age: 49

Previous political experience: One term in Kansas Senate. Previously served six years as county commissioner.

What made you decide to get into politics? As a commissioner, I felt not all segments of my district were being served and represented, especially in the rural areas. I felt I could make a difference due to my diverse background.

I decided to run for the state senate because I felt my experience in local government was needed at the state level. Many programs that pass through to the local levels are decided in Topeka. Since I was familiar with what was working at the local level, I could advocate on the benefits.

Education: Bachelor of business administration from Wichita State University; master of science in environmental studies from Friends University

Family: Husband, Mark; two sons, Caleb and Josh

Current committees: Chairwoman of the Natural Resources Committee; chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Energy and the Environment; also serve on Education; Ways and Means; and the Joint Committee on Kansas Security.

Three biggest issues facing the Kansas Senate that affect the Harvey County area:

1. Economic development that brings about good-paying jobs for all of our residents.

2. Affordable health care for essential services, as well as a focus on preventative healthcare.

3. Sound energy policy that is responsible to the environment as well as affordable to our home and business owners.

Why are you the best candidate for the District 31 seat? During the time I have served as a state senator, I have gained a great deal of experience because of the committee assignments I received.

Being a member of Ways and Means has given me a great deal of exposure to the budgetary process and has allowed me to have great input into programs that lower the cost of doing business for our region, as well as provide a return on investment to our state general fund, such as affordable airfares.

I have worked and built relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds, from the rural sector to small town and urban areas.

Two issues you most hope to address if you are elected: Continue to work toward bringing economic success to our region.

Included in this initiative is providing the needed infrastructure such as educational incentives tools to equip our business and industries with a skilled workforce.

Another initiative will be to ensure we have a visionary transportation plan that will encourage businesses to establish themselves in our region.

What differentiates you from your opponent: A diverse background and experience that includes relationships that have been built across the state.

Ten-year history of public service at both the local and state level.

Current job: co-operator of the family farm

Community and public service: state senator, four years; Newton Medical Center Advisory Board; Kansas Learning Center for Health; Member of local Chambers of Commerce; past county commissioner, six years; past member of school site council; and past chairwoman of successful school bond initiative.