With the help of a caring and generous community, Harvey County United Way has done much for many local agencies.

Offender/Victim Ministries would like to take this opportunity to thank United Way for the support they have given us to work with those affected by crime in this community.

Many of our programs depend on the support of United Way. Such programs include Victim Offender Conferencing, a state-approved program that brings together victims and offenders for communication and the negotiation of a restitution agreement; Shoplifters Education, for individuals who have committed a shoplifting offense; and Anger Management Education, which works with individuals who have offended as a result of angry or violent outbursts.

These programs are made available to community members on a sliding fee, based upon participants’ resources.

With the help of United Way, OVM is able to grant scholarships for those without resources to pay for these vital programs.

These scholarships allow participants to receive the help they need while still being able to provide for their own basic needs.

We are thankful for those who have realized the impact United Way has within our community and have stepped forward with compassion.

Your support continues to make a difference.

— Libby Schrag, executive director, Offender/Victim Ministries Inc